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Single Family Home / 獨立屋,   For Sale

800 Valley View Rd
South Pasadena,  California,  91030



Paul Kubisen
Phone: (626) 644-7313
Fax: (626) 628-1828

建築商-開發商-投資商-出售許可證已獲批准(待頒發), 設計圖已獲通過, 施工文件已提交,現正由規劃部門進行第一次修改。該待售房屋包含了完整設計圖、報告和施工文件等文件齊全情況下建築的位於南帕莎迪那的2624平方呎現代化豪宅。居住面積包含進門樓層542平方呎、主樓層1835平方呎和二樓1247平方呎, 車庫面積476平方呎, 另有方便上下的電梯。住宅臨街, 公共設施齊全, 南面是令人心曠神怡的城市和山谷景觀。房子由好莱坞环球影城新侏罗纪世界设计公司設計, 建築於具有區域魅力、地理位置優勢、宜人的天氣、優良的地區傳統及優秀獲獎學區等令人無法抗拒的天然良好條件的南帕莎迪那。 該信息來源可靠, 然而經紀人不能保證其準確性, 買方應根據自身需要到南帕莎迪那或其他地方進行核實。 房屋施工將在買方交付第三方托管款項後進行。804 Valley View 也會在同樣情況建成新的獨立屋出售。

Builders- Developers- Investors - *SOLD PERMIT RTI (ready to issue) Plans have been approved. Construction documents have been submitted and now are under first revision from planning department. Sale includes full plans, reports and construction documents to build this modern 2,624 sf home in South Pasadena. The living space consists of 542 sf on the entry level, 835 sf on the main level and 1,247sf on the second level. The garage space is 476 sf. There is also an elevator for convenience. Lot has frontage, utilities in street and city/valley views to the south. Home designs by designer to the new Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Develop in South Pasadena and take advantage of its charm, location, weather, traditions and award winning schools! Information deemed reliable, however, brokers cannot guarantee accuracy. Buyers to independently verify all information with the City of South Pasadena or others as required. * Buyer to pay for the building permit fees after close of escrow to start the construction. 804 Valley View is also for sale with similar status on construction of new SFR.  

Acre(s) or Lot Size / 占地大小 7482
Total ft2 / 總面積 2625
Bedrooms / 臥室 4
Bathrooms / 浴室 3.5